About Simultaneous Streams & Cloud DVR

C Spire TV offers additional Simultaneous Streams and blocks of 50 Cloud DVR hours as a bundled subscription for only $5/mo. By default, each C Spire TV household gets one (1) Simultaneous Stream and 50 Cloud DVR hours.

C Spire TV limits the number of Simultaneous Streams and Cloud DVR hours to 10 streams and 500 hours total per account.

Cloud DVR Explained

The C Spire TV Cloud DVR service provides enhanced flexibility and advanced features not typically associated with ordinary cable or satellite TV services.

Cloud DVR recordings are stored in the secure C Spire Cloud. Because these recordings are stored in our data centers, most of your recordings will be able to be accessed from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

Cloud DVR recordings do not expire after a specific amount of time. However, if you've reached your limit for Cloud DVR storage, the system will automatically delete the oldest recording first so that it can continue recording new content.

At present, there is no way to 'protect' specific recordings from being automatically overwritten by new content when you've reached your storage limit. This is a feature that is on our roadmap.

At present, there is no way to limit series recordings to new episodes only. This is a feature that is on our roadmap.

Cloud DVR Availability & Access

It is important to note that not all TV networks allow C Spire TV to enable this feature for their programming. Check out our Channel Lineup page which shows "In Home" and "Out of Home" Cloud DVR rights for each and every channel in our lineup.

At present there is no way to download your Cloud DVR recordings to your device for offline or out of home playback.

  • Cloud DVR recordings are shared amongst all members of a household.
  • Replay TV does not count against your Cloud DVR hours.
  • Add additional Cloud DVR hours by logging into your C Spire Home Services account at http://cspire.com/fiberaccount

Simultaneous Streams Explained

Unlike traditional cable or satellite TV services, C Spire TV doesn't require you to rent a Set Top Box (STB) from your provider for every TV you want service on in the home. Instead, C Spire TV customers only pay for the number of Simultaneous Streams they want to have at their disposal no matter which device they want to watch TV on.

The number of Simultaneous Streams you have dictates how many devices can play video at any given (simultaneous) time. C Spire TV comes with one (1) Simultaneous Stream by default. This means that without adding additional Streams a household will be able to use one device at a time no matter the type of supported device.

C Spire TV customers are able to add additional Simultaneous Streams to their account which allows other individuals in the home to access C Spire TV on different devices at the same time.

What constitutes a simultaneous stream?

A Simultaneous Stream includes any form of TV viewing such as:
  • watching Live TV
  • watching Replay TV
  • watching On Demand Shows or Movies
  • watching Cloud DVR content
A Simultaneous Stream does not include things like:
  • browsing / searching for content
  • setting or managing your Cloud DVR recordings
  • managing your profile

Common Questions

How many Simultaneous Streams do I need in my home?

We recommend that you purchase the same number of streams as you have TV watchers in your home. This means that no matter what device is being used, each member of your household will have the ability to watch TV without compromising the enjoyment of anyone else in the home.

How do I add additional Simultaneous Streams?

Adding streams to your account is easy. Just log into your C Spire Home Services account (http://cspire.com/fiberaccount) and click on the 'Modify Subscription' button to get started adding streams.

Do out of home streams count the same as in the home streams?

Yes. Any active video stream counts the same no matter where it is played. A Tablet watching a Cloud DVR recording from a beach rental on the coast or the backseat of a minivan counts the same as when you're watching the latest SEC action on your supported Amazon Fire TV.

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