Download and install the free C Spire TV App

The free C Spire TV app is available for download from the app store associated with your supported device. For example, if you are on an Amazon Fire TV, you will need to download the free C Spire TV app from the Amazon app store.

App Store Links

Amazon Fire TV | Android TV | Apple TV 

Once you've accessed your device's app store search for "C SPIRE TV" 

  • You will be shown a list of results.
  • Select and download the C Spire TV app to your device. 
  • Your device should provide a notification when the download and installation is complete.

Launch the C Spire TV App

  • Look for the C Spire TV app on your device and click the tile to launch.

Sign In to the C Spire TV App

Sign in to the C Spire TV app using your username and password. Additional details concerning sign in can be found at:

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